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  • Joey Baron

Isolation as Inspiration

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Artists have the unique and essential ability to find inspiration in the most dire circumstances Throughout the pandemic, they have found ways to use these months of isolation to create innovative formats for dance, music, and theater.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an open rehearsal of Boston Dance Theater's newly commissioned piece by choreography Rosie Herrera. I found the dance a beautiful exploration of themes of isolation and revealing one's true self. It was magnified by the dancers needing to wear masks. How timely.

Visual artists have found creative explorations, too. Here are seven examples of street art inspired by and addressing life during Covid-19.

Let's find way to appreciate and support all of the artists who enrich us, provoke us, and offer us moments of beauty and joy.



A Banksy mural gets an update in Bristol, England

A Banksy print unveiled at and sold as fundraiser for a hospital in Southampton, England.



Venice, California

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