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Some Kids Just Learn Differently

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

3d Learner

THE CHALLENGE: Just months before the pandemic, 3D Learner, a Florida-based educational service program hired Nancy Glazer Pearl, an accomplished designer and digital marketer, to be their marketing agency. Nancy brought on Dream Up Consulting to help develop strategic direction and content for the client. While the pandemic was wreaking havoc on schools, 3d Learner faced an opportunity to expand its online presence and audience.

THE SOLUTION: Highly respected in their local market, 3D Learner realized that Covid presented an opportunity to connect with parents of children with learning difficulties including dyslexia, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and other educational challenges beyond the south Florida region. Our strategy was to create a brand that spoke to parents with understanding and optimism. We started by redesigning the website with a new, more personal look and feel. The new branding was then applied across a revised media plan that included online advertising, social media, and direct mail programs.

THE RESULTS: Our work continues to generate results and qualified leads. 3D Learner was able to maintain a stable pool of clients throughout the pandemic. The client, however, lacked a consistent internal sales structure to follow up with the increased inquiries. They have an amazing program and are working on building the infrastructure needed to take them to a higher level.


Creative Strategy

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Client Contact and Management

“Joey Baron is one of those rare individuals who excel at both strategic thinking and creative concepts. I bring him on to all types of projects regularly and my clients are consistently blown away by the way he thinks about their business and reaches their audiences. He’s a fabulous partner in any design project.”

Nancy Pearl Glazer, NP Glazer Digital Marketing

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